Posted by: Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions | September 13, 2011

I’m baaaaack!

Holy cow, I haven’t posted since February! I’m a terrible blogger, apparently. Sorry about that. But what can I say? I was out exploring and enjoying as many of the awesome summertime Denver activities as possible. (And there are many – I ❤ this city!)

So as you can tell, I survived my first year at Korbel and am now a big shot 2nd year! Woo hoo!  Last year is a bit of a blur (a new student asked me last week what my favorite human rights class has been and I totally blanked on what classes I took last year. Yikes.) but I remember lots of stress during the last 3 weeks of each quarter followed by immense feelings of relief that everything was completed on time, and then a great big happy dance at the end of the school year when I realized I had completed the first year in one piece and with my sanity intact (more or less). The main thing I learned last year was that it will all be okay in the end. And now I feel almost invincible – you want me to write 50 pages in 3 days? Psh, no problem. I can do that in my sleep now. B-) This year will be cake.


Of course, I don’t actually think that. But now I know what to expect and that’s tremendously helpful in reducing anxiety. I’ve been to 2 out of the 3 classes I’m taking this quarter and both seem like they’re going to be awesome and very helpful for my future career, especially my Cross-Cultural Communications class. The other classes I’m taking are Human Rights and the International Refugee System, and Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflict.

Enough about me for now – it’s application season! Right about now you’re probably researching schools, trying to figure out which programs are the best fit for you, who you’re going to get letters of rec from, and how in the heck you’re going to scrape together the ridiculous amount of money it takes to apply to grad schools. (I applied to 8 schools and ended up paying over $800, so I feel your pain.) I recommend spreadsheets. Excel is your friend. Craigslist is also great for selling off your belongings to pay for app fees. 😀 As for deciding which schools to apply to – research, research, research. Read every bit of info that schools post on their websites, email profs, call admissions offices (although most aren’t nearly as helpful as Korbel’s, if I do say so myself), talk to people you know who are familiar with the school, etc etc. Grad school is difficult, and in my opinion it’s crucial that you enjoy the school and the location of where you choose to study. So do your homework! Big name schools are good and all, but you should choose the place where you feel you’ll have the best academic and personal experiences, regardless of the name on the building.



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