Posted by: Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions | December 7, 2010

Winter break fun

Walking to work these days is rather depressing… rather than being surrounded by dozens of students rushing to class or hanging out on the lawns, it feels like I’m walking through a ghost town. Or rather, ghost campus. Almost all of my friends have gone home for the holidays and my once hectic schedule is now filled with a whole lot of nothing. Not that I’m complaining! It’s nice being able to stay up late, sleep in, read whatever I want, and explore more of Colorado.  I’ve scratched a few more things off my Denver To-Do list recently, and I’ve been having a blast. Last weekend I went to a Denver Broncos game and sat six rows from the field. It was awesome! The Broncos lost, of course,  but I still had a lot of fun. Last Friday I went to the New Belgium Brewery (home of Fat Tire) in Fort Collins with a few people, and I also recently got a chance to explore Red Rocks and Golden (home of the Coors Brewery).  The weather has been pretty chilly, but so far no snow.

Despite all my free time, I haven’t done any of the school-type things I need to get done over the break. Internship applications, additional scholarship applications, language proficiency, program statement…. nada. Every night I go to bed committed to working on those things the next day, and every morning I wake up and think of about ten other things I’d much rather do. Ha. The procrastination bug has bitten me pretty hard. Ah well. I still have four more weeks of winter break, right? It’ll all get done…eventually. 😉



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