Posted by: Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions | November 22, 2010

I survived!

All papers are done, all finals handed in, and my first quarter of grad school is officially over!  It’s a minor miracle that I survived with my sanity and emotional health intact, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!  It actually hasn’t hit me yet… I think I’m still in school mode.  I’ve been told that it’ll most likely sink in sometime next week.

I apologize for the prolonged radio silence, but the past couple weeks have been jam-packed with assignments, class, and work.  To give you a small glimpse into the end of my quarter, I wrote a 14-page paper last Wednesday.  As in, wrote the entire thing in one day, stopping only long enough to go to class for 3 hours.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.  And I wasn’t forced to write it in one day because I procrastinated (although I do have trouble with that sometimes).  It was the first and only opportunity I had to do it because I had so many other things going on. 😦  But it got done, it was handed in, and now it’s only a bad memory and a sentence in a blog post.

So what are my plans for winter break?  I have to submit my program statement, have my resume reviewed by the Career and Professional Development Office, start applying for summer internships, apply for scholarships (I need more money!), and work on my language proficiency so I can get the proficiency exam out of the way.  And somewhere in between all that, I’m working and catching up on all the mindless TV shows I’ve been unable to watch for the past 2 1/2 months. 😀

Au revoir!


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