Posted by: Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions | October 12, 2010


Hammy 🙂

I turned in my first paper last night! Yay! Or rather, yay that it’s done, yikes that I have no clue how well I did on it.  Tonight I have to start working on my paper for Field Ops… my goal is to get at least 2 pages written by the time I hit the sack.  Too bad I’m like a caffeine-addicted hamster (think Hammy from Over the Hedge) when it comes to sitting down for hours at a stretch with nothing to do but stare at a computer screen and think.  Tomorrow night I’ll get my research prospectus back in Comparative Politics… fingers crossed that there’s not “You’re completely lost. Come see me ASAP.” written at the top. Until I get a few assignments back from professors, I’m going to be a bit unsure about what they’re looking for and whether the work I’m producing is grad school-quality or still stuck back in undergrad (or worse? after all, it’s been 5 YEARS since I’ve had to do anything like this! ack!).

In other news, right now Professor Art Gilbert (who is completely crazy and absolutely wonderful, btw) has his personal collection of graphic art of the Holocaust on display in the Josef Korbel School Cyber Cafe.  The ASHR (including myself) has volunteered to hang out and make sure no one gets crazy and decides they like one of the pieces so much that they take it home with them.  So that’s where I’ll be tomorrow afternoon, surrounded by books and handouts in an attempt to catch up on the reading I’ve been neglecting while staring at the computer screen and thinking.

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