Posted by: Josef Korbel School, Office of Graduate Admissions | September 30, 2010

Because my life isn’t crazy enough…

As of today, I am the new Treasurer for the Association of Students for Human Rights at the Josef Korbel School– woot woot! One of the things that really influenced my decision to attend Korbel was the level of student involvement. When I went to the Discover Korbel event in April (which I strongly suggest you go to if you are admitted) it seemed like every current student I spoke to was involved in student groups, internships, part-time jobs, various centers and institutions on campus, all while taking a full load of classes. I was seriously impressed, and not a little intimidated. And now it looks like I’m headed down the same path– crazy! But the whole reason we’re here is to learn and eventually get a job, right? So every little extracurricular thing counts!

I’m excited about the events we (the Association of Students for Human Rights, hereafter referred to as ASHR) have planned for this year. Each quarter has its own theme: Fall Quarter is Genocide, Winter Quarter is Women’s Rights, and Spring Quarter is Minority/Indigenous Rights. We have a film festival, an art exhibit, a concert, and several speakers in the works. ASHR will be teaming up with CORD (the Center on Rights Development) and possibly the HTC (Human Trafficking Clinic– sheesh, enough with the acronyms!) to co-sponsor some of the events. One idea that’s been floated is trying to get Ayaan Hirsi Ali to come speak at Korbel, which would be awesome if we’re able to pull it off!

Alright, time to stop procrastinating and start working on my research prospectus.

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